Chapter 15, The Cabin

The cold, chilly morning swallows us as we step off the plane in Sheridan, Wyoming. I see the mountains in the distance and shudder seeing the snow on the peaks. Not even Liam’s warm hand can keep warm from the cold thought of snow. Sighing with a bit of relief we step into the airport. The warm wraps around us welcoming. I look at the back of Henry’s head as we walk behind him. He wipes away the snow that had fallen onto it and wipes it on his jeans. Liam reaches out and rests a hand on my head, warming it from the snow. I had told him that this was the only thing I wasn’t excited about, and he promised to try to make it as bearable as possible.

Olivia and Will rent a silver car, and a short hour later, we are on our way to the cabin with our luggage in the back and Henry and Liam on either side of me, staring out the windows at the traveling trees. Liam’s hand rests on my knee. I think about how he is always touching me, how warm his skin is, even above a couple of layers of clothing.

We finally reach the cabin, with trees surrounding the two-story wooden behemoth of a home. The windows all have beautiful green curtains hanging. A double door stands in the front of the cabin, articulately designed with ribbons of cut wood. It’s purely quiet when we step out of the car, and the cold surrounds our warm bodies once again. Shivering, we walk up to the house, I stand there shaking, watching Olivia unlock the door, then we are taken into our own new little world.

Beautiful paintings hang here and there on the walls. I step onto the creaking wooden floor looking around at the amazing artwork around us. A gigantic cross hangs in the middle of the front wall. The metal looks like nails, and I am almost brought to tears by its beauty. Lamps sit on the ground around us, in almost every corner of the room.

I am interrupted in my thoughts by Olivia remarks, “Boys, you already have your regular rooms. Anna, you will be upstairs in the loft. Liam, can you show her where her room is and the bathroom? I would really appreciate it. I will get dinner started.” Liam nods and leads me up the stairs to the first room on the right. Chandeliers hang the length of the ceiling down the hall. Liam opens the door to what I suspect is my room.

A couple of stairs go up to where the bedsits, and a big green couch sits on the floor we stand on now. A TV hangs on the wall in front of the couch, and lights hang around the room. A painting of a green tree hangs on the wall next to the stairs going up to the blue sheeted bed. I smile slightly, I like this room. I turn to Liam to find him watching me for my reaction.

Stuttering out I say, “Where’s the bathroom?” He nods and walks back out of the room to the next door down. I go in and do my business then go down the stairs to grab the luggage that I brought with me. Olivia said that we should be getting the rest of our things in a few days from the moving truck.

Henry intervenes me before I can walk up the stairs. “Can we talk?” I nod, continuing my way up the stairs. He follows me into my room, closing the door behind himself. I turn and look at him. He looks pained. “When I first had my nightmares and was visited by my Turner, my parents did nothing. I am thankful that they are doing something for you. Don’t take it lightly though, you really have a soft spot in their hearts. I can see them protecting you with their lives. Now, I did have a question.” He trails off slowly, stares off into the distance, takes a seat on the green sofa, then continues, “You can see into the future, can’t you?”

I nod, “I can, but not that far. I can see what will happen in that day, but not weeks from now. That’s the limit to my power.” He shakes his head and interrupts, “Are you sure you can’t break the barrier? See further into the future, and more than just a day?” I suck in a great breath of air and shake my head no.

He looks at his hands and nods. Sitting there a second, I see the gears shifting this way and that in his brain. Henry stands to his feet and walks out the room, shutting the door quietly behind him. With a huge sigh I walk to my bed and lay down with a big grunt of exasperation. I stare at the ceiling, thinking about the future. I see what’s going to happen for the rest of the day, but then there’s a block at the end. I touch it lightly with my mind. No budge. I push a little more, grunting with anger as I push and push. Nothing.

Giving up, I go down to the living room to wait for dinner with the rest of the family.


Chapter 14, Dust and Memories

“What do you think you are doing, Annabella? Put your hands down and stop looking at me like that. I am warning you! Get away from me!” Noah screams at me in a rough, scruffy voice, backing away from me quickly, bumping into things as we step into the kitchen. “How are you doing that with your hands? Why are you coming at me, Annabella!” I hold my hands up with glowing silver electricity flowing through them. I told Liam the day before that this would be easy, but I was wrong, it isn’t. I’ve been living with this man since I was six years old. Now I am abandoning him and leaving behind no memory of myself with him.

I tell myself over and over that he won’t be hurt by my loss. I worry that I might hurt him when I erase his memory though. I have never erased twelve years of memories from a person’s mind before. He backs away from me, back hitting the counter. His eyes are filled with anger and fear. Tears run down my face as I think about the past twelve years. I enter his mind easily, his walls crumbling to the ground like a pile of dust. I see tears roll down Noah’s face as I erase memory’s after memory.

I see the day that he took me in and pull it into my own mind, making it my own memory. I see when he took me to my first middle school, when I was thirteen, and engrave it into my memory. The memory of my eighth birthday comes into view, with the pink cake and the blue sprinkles. The last memory that flows through both our minds is the day I was born. He was there, with my parents. I see a blank stare fall over my uncle’s face. I pull the memory of what is happening right now from his mind, He will not recall anything of this moment.

I walk him to the couch in the living room and put him to sleep quietly. I stare at my uncle’s face, hoping to never forget what it looks like. I kiss his forehead, tears running down my face.

Standing on my feet with a numb feeling running through my veins, I walk around the house that I have spent the past twelve years and take away all memory of me. I leave behind nothing for Noah to remember me by. I look around my bedroom. I packed everything a few days ago. The plain walls and vacant bed leave behind mournful memories in my heart and mind. I sigh, shaking away the dark feeling that is attacking my being, and leave.

­_ _ _ _ _

“How are you doing Anna?” Liam asks me that night as we sit in his room. I haven’t been myself from the attack, and he knows that. So, he continues to give me my space, but I feel so alone. Henry continues to talk to me, telling me things that he understands, and not many others on the planet do. I nod my head at Liam.

He shakes his head and pulls me close to him, embracing me. Warmth floods my body. “That’s not the reply I was asking for silly. I asked how you were doing.” I look at him and question if I should tell him the truth about what I am feeling. Fear, pain, regret. After three weeks of blocking him out, I finally open my mind to him. Burying my head in his shirt, I hear his shallow intakes of breath.

“Anna.” He whispers shakily. Liam holds me tighter, unwilling to let me go, or even look into my eyes. Tears fall down my face, and an intake of breath enters my lungs. I try to collect myself before he can look at me, but I can’t make myself. Finally, he pulls away and looks at me. His bloodshot eyes cut through my soul and his puffing chest from the pain I just caused him shows all over his body. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

I shake my head, trying to avoid answering but mostly unable to speak from the cotton that has built up in my throat. I show him why through our mind link, and he nods. A tear falls from the corner of his hazel eye.

“Liam, I feel so empty,” collecting my breath and thought I continue “I cannot shake the nightmares that consume me, and I am having the hardest time connecting with God and with the power in me. I am so sorry that I haven’t told you what’s been going on, but I am so afraid.”

Liam takes my hands in his own and looks into my eyes carefully. “Anna, she can’t get you, and I won’t let her. I promise, I and my family will keep you safe.” He pulls me into another hug and doesn’t let go.
I finally let go of the air I’ve been holding in for the past three weeks. It clicks inside of my head that I am safe. But I also know inside of my heart that we are only experiencing what is yet to come.


Liam Miller

Liam Miller is the 18-year-old boy from Wyoming. Main character. Love interest in Anna Acord. Very positive. Can be quiet and talkative, depending on the situation, although he is very well-rounded. Here’s a short description of looks, personality, and powers so far from chapters 1-13.

What the character looks like:

  • Brown eyes, golden blonde hair, and glasses. He is tall and skinny; 5’10 to be exact. Tattoo on his left wrist which his older brother, Henry gave to him. Carries around a book, wears fall colored clothing and sometimes black.

Characters personality:

  • Charming, smart, and genuine. He is heartfelt and a gentlemen. Honesty is his strong suit. He can be shallow at times, but he always knows how to make someone feel better. His love interest in Anna heightens his looks of gentlemen and genuine.

Characters powers:

  • Normal, average mind reader. He can look into the past if given access. Fire flows through his body all the time, so he is always warm.

I thought I would include another visual reference, although I will point out like I did for Anna’s character description. I do not know the person in the picture, and I found it through the Google search engine.

I could not find a person with glasses and paler skin that fit what I see in my mind, so the picture is him without glasses. But respectively, this is how I see my character.

Chapter 13, Nightmare or Reality?

I run down a dark hallway lined with purple curtains and chandeliers on the ceiling. I look behind me and see that the hallway is being sucked up by a sort of vacuum, almost taking me in its clutches. I continue running, and when I look forward, I fall.

I am tied up, and Juliette stands in front of me, smiling viciously, with glowing green hands. She touches the side of my face. I scream in agony, falling to the floor. “Join us, Anna. Ally against the rest of the ­­­lecterus d’esprit. Don’t let them fool you into thinking that you are important, or that you have a place amongst their numbers. You are nothing to them, darling.” She seductively whispers into my ear.

She touches my arm and leaves another mark, and continues to do so, until I wake up.

_ _ _ _ _

I wake up screaming, tears falling down my face. I look around to find Liam staring at me from across the room. He is shaking his head. “This has been going on for a straight week, Anna. What is it in your dreams, tell me what you see? Let me see, please. I beg of you. It kills me to see you like this!”

He gets on his knees beside the bed and looks at me pleadingly. I shake my head. I can’t let him see what is haunting me, what I am afraid of. I’ve been having the same recurring nightmare for a straight week, and I haven’t told anyone, except for Henry, what they are.

Henry says that he had the same ones. “The only thing that I did to stop them was to cut everyone off. I was afraid that the same thing would happen to my loved ones, and that was the only way I could see fit. Although, mine were not like yours are now. They were about my family getting hurt, not myself. So, I don’t know what sort of advice I should give to you.” He had told me a few days ago.

I close my eyes and open my arms. Liam crawls into them, giving me a hug. “I’m sorry, Liam. I will tell you in time, but I can’t right now.” I whisper to him. He nods in defeat and goes back over to sit on my desk chair.

I see the wheels turning in his head before he says, “Lets go somewhere tomorrow!” A look of confusion washes over my faces and he grins. “Actually, let’s go somewhere now.” He grins widely and looks at his watch. I get dressed in warm clothes then he helps me crawl out the window.

We walk down the dark, street light lit street to a different park than I am used to. He smiles the entire time, holding my hand and keeping me warm. Then I see them. Ice skaters on the lake. I try to pull away, unwilling to go any further. Liam pulls me forward, “Anna, I’m just trying to help you loosen up from all the tension you are feeling. I promise, I won’t let go of you.”

I give in as we step onto the rink, and as promised, Liam does not let go of my hand. We laugh as we clumsily step around the rink instead of actually skating. I feel the tension leaving my body, and all my bad memory’s leaving my mind. I sigh in relief. Liam can tell how I feel and falls with a big grunt.

Laughing, I try to help him up without success. I fall onto his chest with laughs rolling from my body. His hands hold me on top of him as we laugh to the point of tears. We look at each other, our laughs trailing away and smiles resting on our faces. His brown eyes smile their own kind of smile at me before lightly planting a kiss on my lips.

Then everything goes black.

_ _ _ _ _

I wake up laying in my bed. Its freezing cold and dark. I look around and try to sit up without any luck. I see Liam sitting in the chair, tied up. My eyebrows scrunch together in confusion. Then she steps out of the hallway. Juliette.

“Well, thank heavens sleeping beauty has finally woken up! I am only here to warn you, darling. We are coming for you and the Millers. There is no hiding, and you are being watched. Now, I am going to offer you something. You can come with me and avoid all the hurt and heart ache to come. Or you can stay here and fight with your ridiculous troop of wanna-be mind readers. Pretty boy here,” she touches his face lightly, trailing her finger across his jaw-line, “also has the same option. When he wakes up, do tell him.”

She walks over to me and grabs my arm, looking at the palm where she scared me. “If you decide to take our side, the Turners as your community calls it, touch this and I will be right there, to take you with me.” She grins maliciously, then disappears right before my eyes.

The invisible tie that was holding me to the bed releases me and I bolt up and shake Liam awake. His head turns this way and that before coming back into reality. “What happened?” He asks sleepily. I shake him a bit more before he comes to and sees the fear in my eyes. “What happened? Why are we back in your room?”

I tell him everything that happened with Juliette, and then I give in and tell him my dreams. He shakes his head and rubs his eyes before standing up and opening the window. We crawl out and run to his house, waking up the rest of the family, and explaining what happened. Henry looks distant. I try to tap into his mind, and he lets me in enough to ask him what he thinks of the situation.

“The same thing happened with me. It all makes sincenow. If they want us in their community, they leave a mark on our body’s and visit us in our nightmares and our realities. THIS is how they recruit, and this is how they are going to take over the ­­lecterus d’esprit. It’s all crystal clear.” Henry says to me in a distant link voice.

“We need to go to the mountains, to the cabin in Jackson.” Olivia says, and her husband nods. She looks at me and comes up to me, grabbing my hands. “I am going to ask you to do something that you might not want to do. I need you to erase any memory from your Uncles mind of you. We don’t know if we can trust him, and if we can’t, then he cannot be brought with us. Can you do that?”

My eyes grow wide in fear and I look around the room at everyone’s faces. Erase Noah’s memory? A sinking feeling grows in the pit of my stomach. I know that I must do this. And I know what I must do.

I nod my head, agreeing to what she asked me to do. Leave my Uncle behind.

Chapter 12, Uneasy and Queasy

Pain; excruciating pain flows through my veins. I scream in agony as the doctor next to me puts a needle into my skin. She has to grab my arm. More screams. The agony is almost enough for me to pass out again. But sleep evades me. The doctor mutters her apologize as grabs my arms again and pours a liquid onto the cut on my palm. My body tenses and sharp bouts of pain vibrates through my body from my hand.

My eyes open, and I see bright light above my head. I try to look around, but eyes squeeze shut again from the pain. I see stars behind my eyes, and fire in my toes. Screams roll from my body.

Then the pain stops, all of it. My eyes open and I look around the room. I see Liam staring at me with tears in his eyes. We stare at each other, eyes unmoving. He says something to the doctor, but I cannot hear what he says because of the cotton like sound in my ears.

Liam walks over to me, then leans down on his knees and touches my arm ever so carefully. I feel his warm hands on my cold body, but no more pain. He looks at me with assurance and a pain of his own. He kisses the knuckles of my hands, then looks at the doctor and says something. The doctor nods then leaves the room.

I look at Liam with concerned eyes, “What’s going on?” I link to him. He shakes his head and begins to shed some tears. He buries his head in my arm, not looking at me. “You’ve been out for over twelve hours. You looked like you were in so much pain. So pale. You were so weak, yet you are so strong. How do you feel? Are you okay?” He looks back up at me, whipping his eyes.

I move weakly and put my free hand on his arm and smile gently. “I am okay now, no more pain.” I mutter to him.

He nods his head and we just stay there, staring at each other.

­_ _ _ _ _

It takes three days for me to come back to my normal self. Liam was at my side every second. I walk around the room now, my knees weak, but carrying me. Liam watches from a chair in the corner of the room, and Henry stands by the entrance. Henry has been talkative the past few days. Liam told me that he has been touched by a turner before as well. He has the same scar I have now on his hand as well. Another Turner gave him it, but the Turner is rouge, it has been about 5 years, and they still have not found him.

I sit down as the doctor comes into the room. Doctor Haylie; she has been healing Turner victims since they came back into this century. Century’s previous the Turners came and tried to overthrow the Council. Liam has spent the last few days informing me about the past of the Council. I listen, but I haven’t been in the same head space I was before. Things are different.

I question the people around me. Can I really trust them? Who can I trust? Anyone can Turn, after what we all saw. I haven’t let Liam in my head, although he continues to push. I look at Henry. I know I can trust him. For some odd reason, the likeness in the pain we have felt has connected us.

The doctor allows us to leave that afternoon. Four days after the attack. We have almost been gone for a week and I know that Noah will be waking up soon. I tell Liam and his family about my concerns, and we book a plane that’s leaving tomorrow. Although we will be late, we are leaving, and that’s good enough for me.

_ _ _ _ _


I stand in the kitchen of my uncles’ home. He yells at me for having been gone for two days when it was more than that. But I don’t tell him that. When he finally done being upset, I go up to my bedroom and lay on my bed. I stare at my hand, with the scar. A shiver runs down my spine when I touch it.

I hear a knock at my window, but this time it’s not Liam, it’s Henry. I jump up and let him in curiously. He steps into my room without a sound and stands by the window, even when I close it. We look at each other as I sit on the edge of my bed.

“So, I hear that Liam told you about me. His name was Quincy. The man who got me. Quincy Sterling. He was one of my best friends in the Council. He tried turning me too. I didn’t let him, then he did that to me. The pain I felt was terrible. There is no describing it, and I bet you can’t describe the pain you felt either.” Henry says, a distant look in his eyes. “I know my brother doesn’t understand what we know, but don’t push him away like I pushed away everyone. He doesn’t deserve that. But I won’t push you, I just thought I would talk to you; tell you my side of the story. I understand Anna, you aren’t alone. I promise”

He nods his head and opens the window again. He crawls out and leaves, shutting the window behind him. I stare out the window at the falling snow. I sigh and shake my head, shaking away the empty feeling I feel.

I lay down in my bed and fall asleep, leaving behind the present for sleep.

Annabella Acord

Character Description #1

Annabella Acord is the 18-year-old girl from London England. Her dead parents define her past, and Liam and the other mind readers define her future. Here is a short description of her look and powers so far from the past 11 chapters.

What the character looks like:

Dark blue eyes. Short black hair. Pale skin. Long face. Long fingers. Always wears dark makeup, preferably black and dark purple. Short; about 5.1. Tattoo on her left wrist which Liam gave to her.

Characters personality:

Quiet and secluded from the world she was supposed to be raised in. Unsure of herself, but shows her witt and strength mainly in Chapter 9.

Characters powers:

I am aware that this character has an abundance of powers, which will later be described, but here’s a good question: have you ever seen a person with an abundance of powers?

Strong ability to block people from seeing in her mind. Erasing minds. Telekinesis. Electricity flowing through her veins and finger tips. Violent shakes of the earth. Teleportation. Future teller, although she has come in tune with blocking out what she sees.

Characters background information:

From London. Dead parents.

I thought I would include a visual reference. However, I would like to make it clear that I did pull this picture from Google. It is not my own, and I do not know the person from the picture. She is not the perfect visual of what I see in my mind, but she is the closet visual I found.


Short Story, Masked Man

A voice came through the intercom. The sharp highness of it sent shivers down the spines of the entire group.

“You are being watched. Don’t deny what we tell you to do or you will be sorry. You have been warned. Begin.” A woman’s voice said.

Everyone glances at each other. Pencils hit paper and begin writing.

Before we can even begin the door to the class room slams open. A man with a black mask covering everything but his eyes walks into the room.

The first sound I hear is a scream from the girl sitting at the front of the room with her blonde head ducking down beneath her desk. Then a wave effect happens; everyone gets beneath their desks.


Footsteps walk around the room, stopping at my desk. I cover my head, not wanting to see the person that is standing above me.

I cower in fright until the man grabs me by my tight pony tail. I scream in fright and try to pull away without luck. He pulls me to the front of the class, “Everyone look up here! This girl is being arrested, and will be tried for treason.”

With everyone’s eyes on the man and I, they all begin laughing, along with the masked man.